40 Hz Sound Therapy Helps Brain Function and Motor Activity, According to MIT Study

Research has shown that 40 Hz vibrations can have a positive impact on the brain. A study by MIT scientists found that Alzheimer’s model mice exposed to 40 Hz vibration for an hour a day for several weeks showed improved brain health and motor function compared to untreated controls 1. The study also showed that gamma frequency tactile stimulation can affect brain activity and improve motor function 1. Another study by MIT researchers tested the safety and efficacy of 40-hertz sensory stimulation to treat Alzheimer’s disease and found that the potential therapy was well-tolerated, produced no serious adverse effects, and was associated with some significant neurological and behavioral benefits among a small cohort of participants 2.

While there is still much to learn about the effects of 40 Hz vibrations on the brain, these studies suggest that it could be a promising area of research for treating brain disorders.

Dr. Lee Bartel also does research in the field of sound healing. See his TedX talk below. 

1: MIT News 2: MIT News

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