Emerging from Coma: The development of spasticity is a milestone in the course of recovery

From my care journal on July 14, 2019

Randall Vahab at Comadude.com, and my husband, have an uncanny similarity during the same time frame in their recoveries from a coma. So interesting, that I saved pictures and have been researching for months to find out what it meant.

The similarity is muscle spasticity. Not just spasticity, but in the cases of my husband and Randall Vaab, it's remarkable in that it's the exact same limbs, to the exact same degree, which they hold in the exact same position during the exact same period of recovery.

I took a mental note of it and have been searching for an explanation since then. I knew it meant there is a common thread in their recovery. I finally found a study pointing to the answer. My research from today shows that "the development of spasticity is a milestone in the course of recovery". That really makes my day. I knew it. I had an intuition about it being a good sign.

Thinking about talking to Randall makes my head spin. I spoke to Randall for 4 freaking hours! He is SO awesome and normal. It's so inspirational to think that my husband could be this way again eventually.

There is so little information about the emergence from a coma and how the process of full awakening happens. I'm finding it all slowly but surely, though, and posting it here along the way. I hope this helps another caregiver who is trying to find "signs of emergence from coma".

Danny is doing great tonight. By the way, with Randall, it took two years to wake up completely, then more time to develop past the childlike stage. Danny's at 1 year and 8 months. Here's to hoping Danny and Randall have timing in common as well. I SO want to see Danny smile.

Randall (comadude.com) now

Randall (comadude.com) during 2-year coma

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