Miraculous Breakthrough Treatment for Stroke & Severe Brain Injury?

Edward Tobinick, M.D. is an American physician, inventor, and scientist. He is the founder of the Institute of Neurological Recovery in Los Angeles and Boca Raton, Florida1. Dr. Tobinick is best known for his invention of the breakthrough perispinal etanercept (PSE) stroke treatment1.

Perispinal etanercept (PSE) is a treatment that involves administering the drug etanercept above the spine2. Etanercept is normally used to treat arthritis, but Dr. Tobinick discovered that it could also be effective in treating stroke symptoms when administered perispinally3. The treatment was first developed by Dr. Tobinick in 20103.

There is good evidence that perispinal administration of etanercept works extremely well for stroke recovery. Improvements in chronic post-stroke symptoms with etanercept are usually rapid, within 10 minutes, and long-lasting3. The treatment appears to be beneficial for most patients, even more than three years after a stroke3.

In 2019, a double-blinded randomized controlled trial (RCT) concluded that perispinal etanercept was effective for central post-stroke pain syndrome (CPSP)3. The average daily pain score reduced by 19.5 to 24 points in the group that received etanercept. Nearly 30% of patients reported near complete pain abatement after the first treatment of etanercept. In addition, mean shoulder rotation improved by 55 degrees in the group receiving etanercept3.

Over 4000 patients from 91 countries have received perispinal etanercept since 2010. Numerous observational reports of benefits have been reported in the literature and impressive outcomes videoed independently. Rapid improvements in stroke symptoms have been observed and confirmed by non-neurological medical practitioners, nurses, speech pathologists, and neuroscientists3.

Research has found that peri-spinal etanercept results in significant improvements in behavior, central post-stroke pain syndrome (CPSP), cognitive function, hand function, hemiparesis (the inability to move one side of your body), and hemisensory defects (altered sensations on one side of the body)3.

Dr. Tobinick’s work has been recognized worldwide and has brought hope to many stroke victims. His invention of perispinal etanercept has the potential to improve the lives of countless individuals who have suffered from a stroke. It is truly a remarkable achievement.

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