Recommended Reading: Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant

The book explains how every cell in the body is designed to run at a certain voltage, and how low voltage can cause chronic disease and impair healing. The author, Dr. Jerry Tennant, shares his personal story of recovering from a debilitating illness by using voltage therapy and nutrition. He also provides detailed instructions on how to measure and restore the voltage of various organs and tissues using a device called the Biomodulator. The book covers topics such as the physics of voltage, the role of pH and oxygen, the importance of minerals and amino acids, the causes and effects of inflammation, and the connection between voltage and emotions. The book also includes case studies, diagrams, charts, and references to support the author's claims.

The book is part of a series called **Healing is Voltage**, which also includes books on healing eye diseases, cancer, and dental infections²³⁶. The author's website offers more information on his products, services, and trainings².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/25/2023

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