Recommended Reading: Anything Can Be Healed: The Body Mirror System of Healing with Chakras by Martin Brofman

 Anything Can Be Healed: The Body Mirror System of Healing with Chakras by Martin Brofman is a book that teaches you how to use the chakra system as a body/mind interface for effective energetic healing. The book is based on the author's personal experience of curing himself of a terminal illness that conventional medicine had deemed hopeless¹². The book offers a practical manual for understanding and working with the chakras, the energy centers that correspond to different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being¹³ . The book shows you how to identify and release the causes of your dis-ease, whether they are physical symptoms, emotional issues, or mental patterns¹² . The book also teaches you how to heal yourself and others, by using your mind to direct healing energy to any part of the body or any person that needs it¹²³. The book claims that you can heal anything from headaches and colds to chronic diseases and emotional problems, by using your chakras as a powerful tool¹² . The book is 216 pages long and was first published in 1993¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/25/2023

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