Recommended Reading: Coma: A Healing Journey by Amy Mindell

Coma: A Healing Journey by Amy Mindell is a book that provides a new perspective and practical guidance on how to communicate with and care for people in comas. The book is based on the author's experience as a therapist and teacher of process-oriented psychology, a method developed by her husband Arnold Mindell¹⁴. The book challenges the conventional view of coma as a hopeless condition and instead sees it as an **altered state of consciousness** that can be worked with and learned from¹². The book offers step-by-step exercises to help family members, friends, and helpers to get in contact with comatose people in a non-intrusive way, and to establish a way of yes-no communication²⁵⁶. The book also provides in-depth training in coma work for health care professionals and methods and support for family members wishing to be close to and communicate with their loved ones thought to be lost to coma²³. The book aims to bridge the divide between the coma patient and the concerned people around them, while furthering the comatose person's meaningful communications and inner journey¹². The book is 300 pages long and was first published in 1999².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/25/2023

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