Bringing coma patients back to life: Germany's Kliniken Schmieder sets the world standard (and we've successfully copied some of their techniques in our home care routine)

Kliniken Schmieder is a network of specialized clinics in Germany that offer comprehensive and innovative services for patients with neurological disorders. Founded in 1950 by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmieder, Kliniken Schmieder has been a pioneer and quality leader in neurological rehabilitation for over 70 years¹².

Kliniken Schmieder treats all neurological diseases in all degrees of severity, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, encephalitis, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and more¹². The clinics have a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors, therapists, nurses, and researchers who provide individualized and evidence-based care for each patient.

Kliniken Schmieder also has a strong focus on research and innovation, with its own research institute and collaborations with university hospitals. The clinics use the latest technologies and methods to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate neurological patients, such as robotic-assisted therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, virtual reality, and neurofeedback¹².

Kliniken Schmieder's motto is "Never give up!"¹ The clinics aim to restore the quality of life and independence of their patients by helping them overcome their neurological challenges. Kliniken Schmieder is a family-run company that values respect, compassion, and excellence in its daily work.

We copy many of their techniques in our home care routine in the US.

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