Red Light Therapy is a Very Promising Treatment for Brain Injury, Stroke, Disorders of Consciousness and Many Other Neurological Conditions

Studies show red light therapy treats the following conditions:

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) or Red Light Therapy for Neurological Conditions (RLT) is a type of treatment which uses light to help support brain health and performance. Red light works by stimulating cells in the brain called neurons and specifically a part of the neuron cell, an organelle called mitochondria.

A comprehensive article can be found here:

Home set-ups for red light therapy can be purchased at Amazon for as little as $50 up to several hundred dollars: 

Full Body:

Brain Only: Hats and other devices for Red Light Therapy are widely available across Amazon and the internet. 

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Photobiomodulation on Google Scholar:

Red Light Therapy for Hypoxia on Google Scholar:

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