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Stroke survivor speaks for first time in 18 years thanks to AI, brain implant

John Vennavally-Rao reports on AI-powered tech and a brain implant giving a stroke survivor the ability to speak after 18 years.

Bruxism: Its significance in coma

In 17 out of 20 patients, the onset of bruxism was associated with significantly increased levels of consciousness. Abstract Bruxism, the phenomenon of non-functional grinding of the teeth has been ascribed to various causes. Twenty patients with coma from different causes who displayed bruxism were studied in an attempt to correlate the phenomenon to the level of consciousness, eye movements, respiration, cold caloric test, motor deficits and sleep wake cycles. Bruxism was seen to appear at different levels of consciousness, but to disappear only after a significant improvement in the level of consciousness. A relationship with the appearance of sleep wake cycles was also seen. Further Information: