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Aromatherapy for Coma & Brain Injury

Essential oils offer a natural, alternative treatment for many brain injury symptoms, including nausea, anxiety, and even memory problems. These oils soothe discomfort and boost brain function without the negative side effects of heavy medication. To help you navigate the overwhelming amount of oils available, I found a list of the seven best essential oils for brain injury recovery: Frankincense: has a potent anti-anxiety effect and can help reduce inflammation and nausea. It is rich in compounds known as sesquiterpenes which deliver oxygen molecules directly to cells. They can also pass through the blood-brain barrier which means they help bring more oxygen to damaged brain cells. Cedarwood: improves cognitive function and has sedative properties which is ideal for brain injury patients struggling with insomnia and other TBI sleep disorders. Black Pepper: possesses many healing benefits as well. 1 Inhaling certain essential oils can help brain injuries by causing a significant increa